| What are the Benefits of Personal Property Insurance?

Our personal effects coverage provides extensive comprehensive benefits not found elsewhere. Coverages are frequently reviewed and improved resulting in unparalleled protection of your home contents.


Comprehensive Protection

Every Clements International Personal Property policy provides coverage against All Risks, including theft, vandalism, fire, and breakage.


Transit and Shipping Insurance

Our personal effects policies can provide all risk transit and shipping protection for your possessions. Coverage includes while items are transported by truck, ship or airplane with no gaps in coverage.


Coverage for High Valued Items

Scheduled personal item insurance coverage is available to comprehensively protect your high valued items, such as jewelry, fine arts, computers, cameras, oriental rugs, musical instruments, etc.


Full Replacement Cost

Our personal property insurance policies provide full replacement cost coverage. We do not depreciate the value of your effects at time of claim.


No Gaps in Coverage

You won’t be left wondering if your possessions are still covered throughout their journey. Your items are protected from the moment they are shipped from your home and throughout transit. Coverage extends to your location overseas and throughout your return trip home.


Protection Against All Risks

Your personal property is protected against all risks, damage or loss during transit and while you are living abroad. Some minor exclusions may apply.


USD 500,000 Personal Liability Protection

Every Clements Personal Property policy includes at no additional cost personal liability coverage, so you are protected if you are found legally responsible or negligent for an event overseas.


Backed by the Best

Our property insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

| What You Need to Know

About International Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance is often also referred to as home contents, personal items, belongings, possessions, or household effects insurance. This coverage is similar to international renter’s insurance. It covers your personal property while transported, at your overseas location, possessions left in storage and coverage when traveling. It protects your general effects and additionally provides coverage for high value items such as jewelry, silver, fine arts, etc.

| Protect Your Valuable Belongings

Get personal property coverage that knows no borders.

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| Coverage Chart

Some exclusions apply.

  • Transit and Shipping Coverage: Covers your personal property, HHE and UAB shipments for all risks of loss in transit by Air, Sea or land.
  • Unscheduled Overseas Coverage: Blanket all risk coverage that protects your household items abroad.
  • Scheduled Coverage: Itemize your high valued items to ensure they are covered for all risk at their scheduled amount. High value items that are eligible to be scheduled are: jewelry, fine arts, cameras, computers, oriental rugs, musical instruments and other collectibles.
  • R&R Coverage: Protection for your personal property while on vacation. Up to 30 days coverage for home leave R&R back in your home country.
  • Medical Expense Coverage: Up to $10,000 medical expense coverage for injuries to a guest due to an accident in your foreign residence.
  • Worldwide Protection: Protects your personal property anywhere in the world outside your home country. Coverage is not available in the US, Canada and territories subject to international sanctions.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: If you have a claim, your personal property will be valued at what it cost to replace with like kind and quality without the deduction for depreciation.
  • Commercial/Government Storage Coverage: Blanket all risk coverage that protects your items in a commercial or government facility. This does not include self or public storage.
  • Personal Liability Protection: $500,000 of personal liability protection included at no additional cost. Designed to cover bodily injury or property damage to a 3rd party that you are held responsible for.

| FAQs

It’s important to keep your household contents and personal property fully insured while overseas, but how does this coverage work in other countries? This and other frequently asked questions listed below may give you the information you need about personal belongings insurance.

  • The personal effects coverage is best suited for anyone moving abroad who plans to take personal possessions with them.
  • Personal property refers to items within the home that are not attached to the property. Depending on your personal contents insurance policy, your belongings insurance may include such items as computers, cameras, musical instruments and sports equipment, and keepsakes such as artwork, furs, silver, collectibles, jewelry, and watches.

    International personal property policies provide coverage against fire, theft and damage, water damage from rain/wind and personal liability at no extra charge. Losses are subject to your deductible for unscheduled property. No deductible applies to scheduled property.

    Please see the FAQ question on this page for an explanation of both scheduled and unscheduled coverage.
  • We recommend you create a personal property inventory and insure all of your personal items accompanying you abroad. This includes unscheduled items such as clothing, bedding, small electronics, as well as an itemized list for scheduled items such as valuables like cameras and computers.

    Please see the FAQ question on this page for an explanation of both scheduled and unscheduled coverage.
  • Yes. With our All Risks international personal items insurance, your items are protected if they’re misplaced during a move, while traveling, or at your home abroad.
  • Your personal property is covered in transit if you add Transit & Cargo coverage. This protects you against All Risks from the time your property leaves your home to the time it arrives at its destination.

    You can add Transit & Cargo coverage at any time.
  • We currently provide belongings insurance for items in commercial storage worldwide, including in the US, but excluding Canada and sanctioned territories.
  • The key difference between commercial storage and self-storage is access. Although your contents are stored in commercial storage, you do not have direct access to the facility. Conversely, self-storage facilities allow owner access which introduces a broad range of risks to the contents that otherwise would not exist.
  • Like most insurance policies, personal property insurance covers a specific set of risks. For example, homeowner’s insurance typically covers fire damage, but earthquake damage may be excluded. Also, some policies may be customized with add-ons, so exclusions depend on an individual’s level of coverage.

    Typically, our property policies exclude events such as flooding, wear and tear, unoccupied residence after 60 days, and shipment by mail. For a comprehensive list of exclusions, please refer to your policy document or contact us at: info@clements.com, +1.800.872.0067, +1.202.972.0060.

    It’s important to prepare for the unexpected, and adequate coverage can make the difference between a financial inconvenience and a catastrophe. So, if you’re unsure about any aspect of your coverage, contact a Clements advisor today. We are happy to talk through any concerns and work with you to ensure you’re covered at a level that fits your needs and budget.
  • Our cover provides both unscheduled and scheduled coverage. Unscheduled coverage is non-itemized and for everyday property like clothing, bedding, small electronics and equipment. Scheduled coverage is for valuable items like jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, and computers. Remember to include a detailed, itemized list for all Scheduled coverage items.

    We require appraisals on scheduled items valued at $10,000USD or more.
  • We recommend against signing anything that waives your right to hold the shipper accountable for any damage or losses to your personal property. By waiving the shipper’s liability, you may be putting your claim at risk for denial.
  • Our personal property policy is very flexible. You can add or subtract items from your unscheduled and scheduled coverage at any time. You may be subject to additional charges.
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| Why Choose Clements?

Our expertise is international coverage. We have been providing insurance to expats since 1947. Our specialists will ensure you are adequately covered while driving abroad.

Other key benefits include:
  • Coverage in 170+ countries
  • Affordability—coverage that fits your budget
  • Global/borderless coverage—your policy automatically adjusts to meet the local insurance requirements in whichever country you are driving
  • Policy documents in English
  • Claims handled in-house, making the process quick and efficient
  • Can include both Physical Damage and Excess Liability coverage

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